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the zoo chapter 7
last chapter woot!
shadow was walking back and forth trying to find away to get to amy
shadow: why did they take her!
sonic: i dont know shadow
sonic looked around seeing what shadow did
sonic: lets see here windows broken , bars bended, walls smashed into bits, we no longer have any trees lets see what else you distroyed
shadow: shut it!
sonic: just saying
the door opens and out comes amy
shadow: amy!
amy: shadow!
they hug
shadow: what did they do to you love
amy: they scaned my belly as well as take some blood samples.....they think im pregnant
both sonic and shadow's eyes widen
shadow: wh what
amy: oh come on shadow its the reason why they injected you with that mating thing
shadow places his hand on amy's belly and smiles as amy looks around
amy: oh my shadow did you do this
shadow: hmm?
sonic: yes he did he got very pissed off when he woke up
amy signs
amy: im guessing they are going to move us to another room for awhile
shadow kisses amy
shadow: i dont care where they take us as
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the zoo chapter 6
i hope you like it i dont really
by the time she was in her night gown the boys were finished fighting
shadow: now say sorry
shadow had sonic by the ear
amy: shady thats okay he does not have to
shadow: but he does
amy giggles
shadow: now say it!
sonic: im sorry amy....
amy: its okay
shadow lets go of sonic and sonic runs off
Amy: i love you
shadow kisses amy
(this ish the part were it went down hill for me)
[with the zoo people]
person1 :ready?
person 2 shoots the dart and it hits shadow
[back with amy and shadow]
shadow: agh!
shadow removes the dart and amy takes it
shadow: what the hell!
amy reads it and blushes
shadow: what?
amy hands it to shadow and he smirks causing amy to blush more
amy: im guessing that inection just started working
shadow pins amy to the wall casuing amy to look away but shadow stops her and kisses her. she ends up kissing shadow back . shadow picks amy up and brings her to the bed
[with sonic]
sonic: god i hate him i never win anything when he i
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the zoo chapter 5
amy kisses shadow on the lips
[with the uhh zoo people]
person 1: god its taking too long the longest one without mating was only 2 weeks!
person 2 : we are going to need to inject them to speed up the process
person 3: i think they should do it in there own time
person 2: why?
person 3: cuz something might hap
person 1: lets take a vote
shadow and amy were cuddling
shadow: to be truthful being here is not that bad
amy:and why is that?
shadow: bcu im with you all the time
amy smiles and kisses shadow
amy: i love you shadow
shadow: i love you too
amy: only bad thing about it is that this place is so boring
shadow nodded as he looked to see if there were anymore people left
shadow: looks like its night
amy: yeah well im going to get ready to go to bed shadow: okay my love
[next day]
the zoo people started to make the liquid that causes matting and they put it in a dart
person 1: well they are sleeping
person 2: when should we inject the male?
person 1: well we should do it at the
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the zoo chapter 4
amy sees shadow and smiles
amy: hi hun
shadow: hey
shadow kisses amy then looks at sonic
shadow: so what you guys talking about
sonic: well how we will get out of this place mostly
shadow: okay any ideas how
amy: not really we just kind of started talking
shadow: oh okay
shadow kisses amy
shadow: i am going to eat okay
amy: k
[later on]
amy was swimming in the man made pond that was in their exsibit
amy: god this would be so relaxing if people wherent staring at me ugh
shadow sees amy and joins her
shadow:hey agian my lovely flower
amy giggles as she hugs shadow in the water
amy: i love you shadow
shadow: same
amy kisses shadow
amy: i wish we could leave this forsaken place
shadow: yeah have that normal life agian
amy smiles and moves away from shadow and swims around
shadow: hmm
shadow swims after amy causing amy to giggle
shadow:going to get you rose
amy: hehe oh no
shadow grabes amy from behind and nibbles her neck
amy: ohhh s shadow
shadow looks up seeing people taking pictures and
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the zoo chapter 3
shadow: could there be more to that lovely prise?
amy:if you find 50 shirts that are blue i will let you do anything you want
shadow:so if i win i can get you to sleep for example topless?
amy blushes
amy: i if you  w want that s sure
shadow smiles and kisses amy
shadow: 36 blue shirts
amy: no you have to restart silly
shadow: oh ok 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
amy giggles and leaves
[2 hours later]
shadow: ugh 35,...........36, ............37
amy: you still counting
shadow: yeah.........43,.......44
amy: you just got a few more to go huh
shadow: yeah.......45,......46
amy sits in shadow's lap and kisses him
shadow: 47,48, yes! 49 one more!
amy giggles
amy: and what do you want for your prize
shadow: hmmmmm i want  hmmmmm hell yeah! 50!!!
amy giggles
shadow: i want you to now on only that wont be fair a week to wear only your undies to bed
amy blushes
shadow: but if you dont want to you dont have to
amy: i will be fine
shadow smiles and wrapes his arms around amy's wai
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the zoo part 2 of chapter 1
a man: look theres another one!
the 2nd man shoots a sleeping dart into shadow and shadow falls along with amy
[hours later]
amy woke up in a strange room with her head hurting
amy: ugh where am i?
amy looks down and sees that she was laying on shadow and blushes. she gets off and looks around
amy: oh god no
amy sees many people and in the back said zoo. she runs back into the room hugging shadow who was now awake
shadow: ugh what happened
amy: we're in a zoo!
shadow: what!
shadow gets up and looks out the little hut and sees a crowd
shadow: great just great just what i wanted
amy: what are we going to do?
shadow: get out of corse
shadow goes up to the glass and punches it making it crake in turn everyone freaked out. by the 5th punch shadow and amy were hit with a sleeping dart and placed into another room for them to fix the glass
[hours later]
shadow: they took my bloody emerald!
amy:man how will we get out
shadow: i dont know amy
shadow punches the wall in frustion and amy hugs him
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the zoo part 1 of chapter 1
shadow was running around the park when he saw amy running in fear
shadow: amy?
shadow runs to her and grabs her
shadow: amy are you ok?
amy: let go they will get you too! they already got sonic!
shadow just stares at amy
shadow: who?
amy was about to say something when she fell but was caught by shadow's strong arms
shadow: amy!
shadow looks to the side and sees a dart
shadow: a sleeping dart? but why?
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Guardian_Sketch :iconx-jazzy-b-real-x:x-Jazzy-B-Real-x 259 43



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